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On the food purposes grain of corn and the flour produced from it, grain, corn flakes and oil are used. Besides, it is possible to make starch, treacle, alcohol and many other products of corn. The plentiful mass of this plant is a fine juicy forage in zhivotnovodstve.1

Millet, like corn, begins vegetation at quite temperatures — 10 — 12 °C, is sensitive to frosts, by a plant of short day. The main advantage of culture — big, than at all other grain, ability to transfer a drought thanks to what it further other vegetable domestikat promoted to droughty areas. Millet with success the moisture reserves created in a steppe zone not by summer rainfall.

Main objectives of restructuring of agrarian economy are: social reorientation of economy, formation of an advanced consumer sector, to provide sufficient welfare of all segments of the population.

Winter wheat is sowed in the fall and uses in the period of a autumn and spring rainfall. Security with moisture to fast vegetation and, therefore, early maturing of culture and defines its higher productivity, than yarovoy.1

It is for this purpose supposed to pay grants only for quality trust (not below numbers 1 and 0, progressively increasing their size in process of growth of quality of a lnoproduktion which is an factor of increase of efficiency of branch.

As it was already noted, sugar beet — culture labor-consuming, at this stage when unemployment overflowed all branches of economy and regions in general, reduction or elimination of crops of sugar beet will lead to sharp increase in agro-industrial complex.

Need of development of a linen subcomplex of agrarian and industrial complex is caused first of all by economic expediency Reduction in production of a domestic flax fiber will cause need for an of the corresponding quantity of natural fibrous raw materials, will lead to deterioration of trade balance of the country, decrease in an employment rate naseleniya.1

c/g. It has extremely short vegetative period (70 — 85 days), but quite high temperature of the beginning of growth (6 — 8 °C), in case of frosts a plant does not perish, and sharply reduces productivity. The buckwheat badly transfers a lack of moisture of the soil and dry winds, but is well adapted for sour soils.

For receiving steady and big crops of a sugar the cultivated soils (it is desirable chernozems), and uniform moistening of the soil during the whole summer are required. temporary deterioration of water supply of this culture reduces the content of sugar in tubers and reduces productivity. grades of sugar beet show also the raised to solar lighting. Increase of sugar content in tubers requires rather large number of sunny days.

Formation and development of the market relations in an complex demand carrying out agrarian reforms. In different regions they have the features, go different rates and with unequal success, but the main directions of agrarian reforms are identical to all regions.

The corn is sowed rather late. Temperature of a of growth — about 10 — 12 °C. The main period of growth of culture — the middle of summer. Among many grades of corn there are early, but the most high-yielding — late ripening grades. does not take out summer frosts and is among plants of short day that interferes with her advance on the North.

Cultivation of commercial crops causes more intensive nature of use of land grounds in comparison with grain crops (much higher a exit from hectare in value terms). Nevertheless the of commercial crops has no so wide circulation, as grain. Commercial crops are extended by the narrowed areas, because: rigidly the region necessary for their cultivation of natural in comparison with grain crops; cultivation of a of commercial crops — very labor-intensive process; material capacity at their processing causes concentration of crops in close proximity to the overworking enterprises (for example, crops of sugar beet gravitate to sugar plants).

Oats begin the growth at temperatures not so low as barley, vegetirut more long and worse than other cereals transfer a drought. The most important advantage of oats is the to them sour soils.