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On length iron expensively Canada concedes only to Rossi and the USA (from above – 71 thousand km), highways over 750 thousand km here, including with a hard coating – over 600 thousand km (the 2nd place in the world after SSh. Length of oil pipelines – over 25 thousand km, gas pipelines – about 90 thousand km.

Long time Quebec was one of the poorest provinces of Canada. All wealth belonged to English-Canadian and Americans. For the French-Canadian young man there were only three roads to success: to become the priest, the lawyer or to doctors. The local French-speaking elite considered that and has to be: business and equipment is business of heretics, Protestants of Anglo-Saxons, and French-Canadian – the traditional Catholics, poor but proud – are strong the spirituality. In Quebec society a peculiar feeling – inferiority complex mix (because of poverty and backwardness) and superiority complex developed (because of the Catholic spirituality).

The territory of Canada lies in the Arctic, subarctic and moderate belts. The smaller Western part of Canada – mountain, is under the softening influence of the Pacific Ocean; big, east - mainly flat, with sharply continental climate, it is subject to strong influence of the Arctic.

In Canada 2 official languages – English and French. French – the main in the Province of Quebec and some communities living in the Provinces of New Brunswick, Ontario and Manitoba. Speak English everywhere.

In general, Canada is on the first place on the level of expenses for education per capita. High level of educated people in Canada (more than a half of residents of the country continue to study after achievement of 15 years) successfully supports and raises a standard of living of Canadians and reputation of the country as places where appreciate and encourage intellectual growth.

In the north Canada is washed by waters Sowing. The Ledovity ocean, in the West – the Pacific Ocean, in the east Atlantic, that is Canada has very favorable possibilities of use of sea transport. Extent of the sea coast - 243 791 km.

Education pursues two main goals: to give to people the chance to develop the abilities and to provide society with knowledge and ability which have to serve its interests. The education system of Canada is based on the balanced approach to achievement of these of two not always combined among themselves is more whole. Covering all aspects of education and at the same time available to everyone, Canadian education system reflects confidence of residents of the country in importance of quality education.

Canada – highly urbanized country: most of Canadians, 76,6%, live in the cities, and 23,4% - in rural areas. According to the last population census, 31% of the population of Canada (8,61 million people) live in three largest cities of the country - Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

There are in North America people absolutely not similar to Americans and English-Canadian. It are French-Canadian, descendants of the French immigrants. Life in severe conditions of the North of the American continent turned them into absolutely special people. In the biggest province of Canada – Quebec there live 6 million from more than 7 million French-Canadian.

Ordinary dachshund in call boxes – 25 cents. For the operator's call (the coin does not need to be lowered also, as well as for obtaining the reference or a call by the emergency occasion. The domestic long distance communication is cheaper from 23 to 8 o'clock, and also on Saturdays and Sundays. The most expensive time since the 8th morning of Monday till 18 o'clock on Friday.

On the total amount of the foreign trade commodity turnover and per capita Canada is among the leading countries that testifies to a considerable inclusiveness of national economy in system of the international division of labor. all products are exported, and in separate areas this indicator is even higher (4/5 collecting wheat, productions of the sawing, pulp-and-paper and aluminum industry.

Residents of Quebec remember and keep the customs, are proud of them. Here pass colourful folklore holidays, the brightest of them is the winter carnival in Quebec (the second for number of guests after the well-known carnival in Rio de Janeiro). Other holiday – spring collecting maple juice from which cook sweet and useful syrup, - and was borrowed Indians.