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The passive imagination always arises from any process in unconscious, opposite to consciousness, process which comprises approximately as much energy, how many and in conscious installation and which therefore is capable to break resistance of the last. On the contrary, the active imagination is obliged by the existence not only and not unilaterally to intensive and opposite unconscious process, but so tendencies of conscious installation to perceive hints or fragments of rather poorly emphasized unconscious communications and, transforming them by means of association of parallel elements, to bring them to the total presentation.

Sfledovatelno, at the active imagination put by no means and it is not always reduced to the dissociated state of mind, but more likely to positive participation of consciousness. If the passive form of the imagination quite often bears on itself the stamp painful or, at least, abnormal, its active form belongs quite often to the highest manifestations of human spirit as in it conscious and unconscious persons of the subject merge in one the general uniting work. The imagination which developed so can be the highest expression of unity of known identity and even to create this identity by means of perfect expression of its unity.

Basel and Zurich had symbolical value for Jung. The cultural atmosphere of these cities promoted formation of features of his outlook. Basel - live memory of the European culture, had roots in the past while Zurich directed in so far future.

"Researches show that there is a huge number of ways with which unconscious not only influences consciousness, but also completely operates. But whether there is a proof of that assumption, what the poet, being in clear consciousness, it can be subject to own work? The proof it can be two types: direct and indirect. The poet, sure can become the direct proof that he knows that he speaks, but in practice speaking more, than he knows. Indirect demonstrations can be found when behind visible good will of the poet there is the highest imperative which imposes again the categorical requirements if the poet forcibly tears off creative process, or on the contrary, creates to it physical difficulties because of which work has to be interrupted against his will.

Individuation - allocation single and individual from general; Jung has a process of formation of the personality, her maturing as a result of assimilation by consciousness of the maintenance of the personality and the collective unconscious.

Archetype - a prototype, idea. Jung has initial, congenital mental structures, images (motives) which are making the contents so-called collective unconscious and the cornerstone of dreams, myths, fairy tales.

Not only elementary behavioural like unconditioned reflexes, but also perception, thinking, imagination ­ under the influence of congenital programs, universal samples. Archetypes essence prototypes, proformas of behavior and thinking. It is system of installations and reactions which imperceptibly defines human life.