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Thus real opportunity significantly to expand a range of experimental works on a subject due to reduction of time for preparation for experiment performance, on interpretation and processing of its results due to introduction of works which in traditional statement would be impracticable in the conditions of educational laboratory is created.

Thus, the computerized training submits to the same system of the didactic principles, as bezmashinny. The task of the W PPS developers consists in that, considering specifics of the computerized training, to realize these principles in the COMPUTER software product, to define how as much as possible to approach it to the nature of cognitive activity of pupils.

Preparing information for AOS, the teacher has to understand, as process of "moving" of information of the prepared plan to the real computer, and the subsequent use of AOS demands change of the organization of work. Only on the basis of the new, conforming requirements of computer training, conditions of the organization of work of the teacher and his functions possibly introduction in educational process of AOS. Besides, that the teacher gets into gear on the basis of use of difficult program technology of creation of PPS of W, he has to mean also that the organizational component in its activity develops and in one aspect. By preparation of information for AOS it is necessary to remember that all that is not defined by this information, remains for the personal operating influence of the teacher. If educational information is generally logical constructions and procedures, activity of the teacher is more emotional and his organizational activity.

At the present stage process of accumulation, storage, transfer and use of knowledge considerably changes, various are forms of communication with the computer, the contents and structure of many kinds of activity changes. All this has to find is reflected to didactic and methodical system of training in school.

Principle of scientific character. This principle demands that the maintenance of the training material which is selected for creation the COP corresponded to a modern level of development of science and equipment, and the way of knowledge used in the program was adequate to modern scientific methods. Therefore the developer of the computer program, as well as any teacher, has to aspire developing scientific outlook at pupils, to arm them with knowledge of fundamentals of sciences, to develop at them ability to put the gained knowledge into practice, to develop creative thinking and abilities independently to acquire new knowledge. The computer presents ample opportunities in this plan.

to provide registration and the accounting of feedback during the work with AOS for delivery by this system on screens of displays of instructions, recommendations, councils for pupils; to create conditions for differentiation of educational process according to specific features of trainees;

to provide efficiency of entering of amendments into pedagogical software of computer facilities, processing of statistical data and adoption of these or those pedagogical and didactic decisions, thus there is a possibility of more flexible management of cognitive activity of training.

human activity. Besides, it is connected with internal problems of development of the purposes, contents, methods, forms and tutorials, a tendency of development of these categories in concrete type of educational institution.

The greatest progress of process and technique of training is connected with inclusion in this process of equipment, with transfer of functions of the person to it on management of training process. Is the cornerstone of creation of such equipment opening of that teaching is a process which can be operated, as well as any other process, using the opportunities of the return information communication given by equipment.

With development of the computer equipment, expansion of the sphere of its use in training the system of the mediated pedagogical influence develops. In this system the new block - the tutorials replacing the teacher at a number of stages of educational process is allocated.

From the point of view of the trainee application of pedagogical software of computer facilities increases interest in training, increases motivation due to novelty and a combination of more various and visual teaching methods of training in total with the traditional.