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Many architectural constructions of different times and the people blew the mind not only contemporaries, but also descendants. And then spoke: "This one of seven wonders of the world", paying a tribute of respect, to the glorified antiquity miracles, recognizing behind them superiority and perfection. Spoke also: "This eighth wonder of the world", as if hinting at opportunity to adjoin the magnificent seven.

Architects of Satires and Pify built the Mausoleum, and his sculptural device was entrusted to several masters, including great Scopas. Fragments of a frieze of a tomb of Mavsol representing fight of Greeks with amazons - "Amazonomakhiya" remained. Scientists consider that it is Scopas's work or his workshop.

However well-known "hanging gardens" were laid out not by Semiramis and even not at the time of her reign, and later, in honor of other, alas, not legendary woman. They were constructed by order of Navukhodonosor for his beloved wife Amitis - the midiysky tsarevna who grieved in dusty Babylon for green hills of the Mussel. This tsar destroying the city in the country and even the whole states, built in Babylon much. Navukhodonosor turned the capital into an unapproachable stronghold and surrounded himself unprecedented, even with luxury in those days.

The statue was constructed 12 years. In total above the statue hidden in the earth embankment growing together with it at which masters worked grew. When the head of a statue was decorated with a radiant wreath and the embankment was sorted, the struck rodosets saw a magnificent work of art. Quickly the rumor about this wonder of the world extended, whose life was very short, but glory strong.

Mavsol and Artemisia's statues, and also other jewelry of the Mausoleum are stored now in the British museum in London. Memory of the Galikarnassky Mausoleum remained in a set of constructions of this sort which were built in the different cities of the Middle East subsequently, and also in the word "mausoleum".

From one of seven "miracles of the ancient world", appear, remained nothing, except the ruins which are built in Kayt - Beat where they exist and until now and a name. The name of the island turned into a symbol: "" began to mean "beacon". From here and modern "headlight".

The processed blocks by boats transported on other coast of Nile. Further them carried on specially paved way on which construction 10 years and which left, according to Herodotus, it is only a little simpler than a construction of pyramids. Then at the bottom of future pyramid the face was ground carefully, using for this purpose a stone and sand.

The beacon consisted from three put one on another of gradually decreasing towers. Height of a beacon is huge: according to one data of 120 meters, according to descriptions of Ibn - al - Saykh (XI century) - 130 - 140 meters, according to some modern publications, even 180 meters.

In architecture of the Galikarnassky Mausoleum for the first time in the Greek architecture all three well-known warrants, Greek, Ionic, Corinthian were combined. The first floor was supported by 15 Doric columns, internal columns of the top floor were Corinthian, and external - Ionic. In the Mausoleum the strict geometricity, massive simplicity executed internal force and aspiration to decorative effect, to ease of forms, smoothness of lines were combined.

On a top of the third tower in a voluminous bronze bowl charcoal which reflection by means of difficult system of mirrors indicated location of harbor 100 miles smoldered. Through all beacon there passed the mine round which on a spiral the ramp and a ladder rose. On a wide and sloping ramp on top of a beacon the vehicles harnessed by donkeys drove. On mine delivered fuel for beacon fire.

Among modern projects and constructions there are original masterpieces of construction art which by right could rise in one row with "seven miracles of the ancient world". Before builders wide prospects open. Therefore S. Ya. Marshak who noticed was right: