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The indicator of density of grain reflects a complex of characteristics of physical and chemical properties of grain, such as the mass of 1000 grains, structure, a chemical composition, etc. In this regard density of grain to be in rather high correlation interrelation with the main indicators of technological properties of grain.

Researches of amino-acid composition of grain of winter wheat of a grade Berezina and winter triticale Gift of Belarus also testify to the smaller content of irreplaceable amino acids (a lysine, a valina, an isoleucine in grain of winter wheat in comparison with triticale.

The quantity of a gluten in grain of triticale comes nearer to the contents it in wheat. On quality of a gluten of triticale in most cases has lower data because of the content of proteins in it rye type.

According to the content of kleykovinoobrazuyushchy proteins of triticale much more exceeds a rye and comes nearer to wheat that speaks about ability of grain of amfidiploid to form the connected gluten on wheaten type.