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At creation of the image of the subject T placed in the restoring bunch With arise the main image Ip - the valid and secondary Ik - imaginary. If to turn the hologram on 180 °, character of images will change.

In practice even a thick-layer emulsion not completely of a selektivn, and for elimination of the chromatism which is shown, as a rule, in the form of color auras, and obtaining deep monochrome images uses light filters. It is especially expedient to use mercury lamps with a small body of a luminescence, big brightness and a line spectrum. Often use light of a slide projector.

The zonal plate with cosinusoidal distribution of blackening can be received in the form of the hologram on which the result of an interference of flat and spherical waves on Gabor's scheme on condition of linearity of process of registration is written down. In this case are formed only ±1- diffraction orders, i.e. only two focuses. In case of Leith's scheme both images spatially are divided among themselves and with a bunch of a zero order.